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What’s Scarier than Ghosts and Goblins?

How about Type 2 Diabetes! It’s Halloween, and you know what that means:  sugar, sugar, sugar!  Beginning in late summer, stores begin taunting and tantalizing us with prominently displayed festive treats conveniently packaged in small, easy to eat servings.  By... Read More

5 Reasons Why Active Kids Rock

5 Reasons Why Active Kids Rock We all love our kids. Like, heart squeezes and wants to burst at least three times a day, love our kids. But then there are those moments when we just want to Velcro their... Read More

Prepare for Success: Back to School Tips

Have you noticed?  The days are getting a little shorter, store aisles are full of school supplies and you may have seen a school bus or two making practice runs in your neighborhood.  All this can only mean one thing: ... Read More