Congratulations Jayden on the 2018 George Nissen Memorial Award!

Pierce Athletics specializes in teaching young women and men life lessons through the sport of competitive tumbling. Life lessons such as: how to be confident and capable, work ethic, sportsmanship, community service, trust, listening skills, time management, goal setting, winning and losing with grace, and so much more. Our families are raving fans about our program because of the benefits they see week-in and week-out at Pierce Athletics.

New to tumbling, new to Pierce Athletics or a 10-year veteran – if YOU have the desire and the work ethic, then we’ve got the PERFECT competitive tumbling opportunity for you.

People choose Pierce Athletics for a variety of reasons: our spacious facility, our amazing staff, knowing that your child is being put on a path to reach their fullest potential. We’ve got the perfect team for your child with an eye to their future development. Seeing every athlete progress is the reason we exist!

So how do you become part of the Pierce Athletics Competitive Tumbling Team?

Our Competitive Tumbling program is part of the USTA. Our head coach has years of experience in competitive tumbling at the local, state, national & international level. Tryouts for the competitive tumbling team generally happen throughout the summer, but athletes interested in joining throughout the year may set up a private assessment. Our competitive tumbling program is offered to athletes 3-20 years old. Athletes are assessed on their tumbling skills, work ethic and attendance prior to team placement. Pierce Athletics offers a competitive schedule that includes local, state and national competition. Our tumbling team athletes are required to practice a minimum of 2 nights per week throughout the season.

Competitive Tumbling Team

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