Pierce Athletics is locally owned by Pearl City native Angela Pierce.

Pierce Athletics began its humble journey in a 1,900 square feet space in downtown Freeport in September of 2001. Pierce Athletics outgrew the space and after years of saving and planning moved into a 8,900 subleased space just outside of downtown. After just 18 months at that location, Pierce Athletics opened their doors to their current facility and is proud to offer the cleanest, safest, and most state-of-the art facility for training cheer and tumbling athletes in Northwest Illinois.

Everything we do at Pierce Athletics is designed to foster active FUN and learning. The sports we offer are perhaps the most comprehensive ‘lifestyle exercise programs’ available to children incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power and discipline. The benefits of our activities are life-long and include (but are not limited to) character development, building self-esteem and confidence, developing coordination, building strength, power and flexibility, perfecting listening skills, the ability to follow directions, improving goal-setting, concentration skills and more.

Kids in programs such as tumbling and cheer tend to have longer attention spans, increased communication skills, general problem solving skills and improved self-esteem. But more importantly, our programs provide children with an opportunity to make new friends and have FUN.

When you enroll at Pierce Athletics, you are joining a family, not just an activity!

Pierce ‘Wall of Pride’ where EVERY athlete celebrates their accomplishments!

What makes our facility great for families?

Pierce Athletics has over 11,500 square feet of space for your child to experience the excitement of active learning! Class sizes are designed to facilitate the staff providing individualized attention to their athletes. Our staff follow lesson plans for their classes so that each class runs smoothly and all skills are taught in the proper progression. The Pierce Athletics staff not only instruct, but have tons of fun in their classes! Every success will be celebrated with the student – from their first forward roll to their last achievement as they head off to accomplish their dreams!

We are proud and blessed to be able to say we are one of the BEST multi-sports facilities in Northwest Illinois. We invite you to come and check us out!