outh Make The Climb to The D2 Summit!

This year our Youth Level 1 cheer team received a Wild-Card Bid to the 2017 D2 Summit. The D2 Summit is an innovative, prestigious, competitive and unforgettable end of the year all levels experience. It’s the ‘Super Bowl’ of All-Star Cheerleading. The D2 Summit was created solely to provide a unique opportunity for youth, junior & senior teams in non-worlds divisions (levels 1-4) to have an end of the year event like no other. Only 10% of teams from across the country will make the cut and take the climb. The D2 Summit is the best of the best and this is our gym’s 2nd time receiving a bid. We are SO proud of our Youth Team’s accomplishment!

The Pierce Athletics Youth team has 8 athletes ages seven to ten. These 8 athletes represent many different communities – Pearl City, Stillman Valley, and Freeport. These 8 athletes are dedicated, determined and worthy of going to The D2 Summit, but they need help financially.

The D2 Summit is located at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida from May 12-14, 2017. The cost of going to the D2 Summit includes the following: transportation to and from Midway airport of $60 per athlete, roundtrip airfare from Chicago to Orlando of $255.22 per athlete, and D2 Summit event travel package costs of $606.50 per athlete. This package includes 5 nights hotel accommodations, event registration, access to the Disney parks as well as ESPN’s Wide World of Sports for event participation, and all transportation while in Orlando. That brings the total cost to $921.72 per person to attend the D2 Summit. This makes the grand total for the team of 8 athletes and two coaches to attend $9,217.20.

Our Youth Team is looking for individual and corporate sponsors to help make this dream a reality. In being a sponsor, you will help 8 young athletes from the communities in our area come together to represent northwest Illinois & fulfill a goal that they and many teams before them have been striving for.

If you or your company would like to make the dreams of this team come true please contact Pierce Athletics or mail your tax-deductible donation to Pierce Athletics c/o Make The Climb at 760 Barley Ridge Trail, Freeport, IL 61032. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support! You can also visit our fundraising page to watch their bid-winning performance and support their fundraising efforts at: