Welcome to Pierce Athletics!

Pierce Athletics is accelerating into its 17th season. We are proud to say that it is our 16th season offering Competitive Tumbling and our 13th Season offering All Star Competitive Cheerleading to the Freeport area! We welcome you to our growing program.

Pierce Athletics started out in downtown Freeport in a small 1,900 sq. ft. space. Our current training facility is housed in a 11,500 sq. ft. space. We have 1 full sized 54' x 42' spring floor, an 84' rod floor, a 72' rod floor that lands in a 12' x 20' loose foam pit, a 50' tumbl trak, a 30' x 42' non-spring cheer floor, 4 6' x 42' tumbling mats, plus lots of additional equipment to aid in tumbling and cheer progressions.

This website should provide you with information for the 2017-18 Season. Feel free to contact the office if you do not understand any information that is presented here.

Thank you for your interest in our tumbling and cheerleading programs. We want to welcome you to the Pierce Athletics family. Come have a wonderful experience with us!

Thank you,
Angela Pierce

Owner/Head Coach